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Ralph Lauren designs with fixed on the sleeves of the music product, wearable tech already show signs of interest. Suddenly, you can ski with the headset connected to the sleeve, while listening to the song while sliding down the slope. We first use carbon fiber in jeans and clothing company. Ralph Lauren Outlet autumn jewelry creations include and United States society for prevention of cruelty to animal cooperative electronic window of the Dog Walk series, virtual stories and children books. In the past 1.5 years, there have been great changes in the technology. Polo Tech compression shirt is based on Canada patented technology research and Development Company. Clothes collected data is stored in a black box, which includes having to record movement and direction of accelerometers and gyroscopes.
Data transmitted by the black box to the cloud, and after a series of algorithms. These algorithms will be worked out is critical to performance of biometric information, including heart rate and breathing, as well as stress levels and energy output, such as the psychometric information. In addition, the gyroscope can also monitor the balance of golfers or tennis players. They are developing the technology, but have not yet been released. They are far ahead of the competition. Our goal is to launch in the coming months Polo Tech shirts, and plans to launch a variety of colors and styles, there are several ways to display this kind of shirt. We hope that spring will have Cheap Polo Ralph Lauren product offerings. We are also working in a variety of fabrics and clothes on the application of this new technology. Polo last year underwent a dramatic transformation. We're for women brand new Polo, the new store opened on Fifth Avenue next week.
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